Udumbara JU Caterers

4, Jayaratne Mawatha, Colombo 05

JU Caterers is an awesome rice & curry place - they combine tasteful ambience with bath kade prices.

Udumbara JU Caterers is one of our favourite rice and curry places in Colombo. It's been around since 1974 and besides being a restaurant they obviously also do event catering. The food is amazeballs, and they've managed to combine tasteful ambience with buth kade prices. 

The Food

The menu includes typical rice and curry (chicken, fish, egg or veg), yellow rice, fried rice and chicken biriyani. We got the chicken biriyani, for Rs. 170, and it was so good. It included some superb parippu, manioc, gotukola, an interesting sweet achcharu, and a big spicy well-seasoned piece of chicken. Total value for money. 

They've also got little cups of desserts for Rs. 70 (and buddy bottles of soft drinks for Rs. 35). We got the chocolate mousse and it was pretty tasty. 

Service & Ambience

Heading here and knowing it was an affordable rice and curry joint, I was expecting to do take-away because buth kades aren't exactly known for their dine-in ambience. This place is so comfortable and airy though, with a smooth white and wood theme, and the menu chalked up on a blackboard. From the crowd we saw at lunch time, it's popular among both the working folks and the Colombo-7 crowd. Service was very efficient. 

There's the main room and an inner room, and overall seating for about 12. There's a tray of wine glasses and a water filter in the inner room if you're thirsty. I felt a bit posh drinking my water from a wine glass (but that's probably because I'm a godaya).


JU Caterers is a super choice for lunch. The food is delicious (award winning according to their website), the prices are delightfully easy on your wallet, and it's a pleasant space to sit and enjoy your meal at. 


Go before 12 for a lunch packet. It gets busy.


4, Jayaratne Mawatha, Colombo 05


JU has moved a few times, now it's off Thimbirigasaya Road. Coming up from Havelock Road, you pass Asokaramaya Temple on your left. The next left turn is Jayaratne Mw.


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Open 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Rice And Curry

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