The Stairway

53, Church Street, Galle Fort, Galle

An attic converted into a cafe, The Stairway is a new spot in the Fort run by a resident. Good rice and curry.

Once an attic, The Stairway is a little cafe with an exposed staircase on Church Street in Galle Fort. It's quite a charming space, with a very minimal look and a view of the inside of fort, i.e. rooftops. They do rice and curry, sandwiches and other cafe fare. Run by a resident of the fort in his own house, it's got a homely feel when it comes to the service, and we quite like that. We swung by in the afternoon to chill.

The Setting

Closer to the ramparts, The Stairway is around the same area as most of the restaurants in the Fort, but the particular stretch of road it's on is mostly residential. This lends quite a homely feel, particularly when you look out and see the inside of the Fort and not every other tourist attraction. We like how they've kept it simple, with washed out whites and bright blue, and a few quotes painted onto the walls here and there.

It's a really quiet place, too, so it's ideal if you want to hide in plain sight. 


They've got quite a lot on their menu, with an array of noodle dishes, rice and curry, sandwiches and even fish and chips. We would have liked to try the fish and chips, but they were out of seer fish, and so we were recommended the club sandwich.

Presentation wise, it's quite beautiful. For Rs. 750 you get enough for two people. If you're grabbing this as a snack, you could share it with four. There's plenty french fries that come with, and the salad isn't too bad either. 


While they have coffee, we decided to try their milkshake and juice. The strawberry milkshake (Rs. 420) was pretty good. Pretty pink, plenty ice cream, and nice and thick. 

For juice, we tried the pineapple juice (Rs. 280) and it wasn't too bad. It wasn't chilled enough. We would have liked it colder and stronger.


The Stairway is a fresh addition to the Fort cafe scene, and it's worth dropping in if you want to get away from the usual. We're hoping they make use of their space and offer something new in terms of food and drink. If you'd like to plug in your own music and chill out, you can ask them and they'll arrange that for you. They don't have shisha, yet, but we've heard that they might add that facility, too. 


Go for breakfast.


53, Church Street, Galle Fort, Galle


Take Church Street from the Fort entrance and keep going and pass Pedlar Street. It'll be to your left.


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