The Porky-Nator


Home cook doing amazing ribs and pork dishes.

If you like pork, try the Porky-Nator. This home cook selects the excellent quality pork, prepares it deliciously, and delivers. You can just eat and share a delicious and huge amount of pork. We highly recommend.

The Food

As the name implies, this place does pork. Just pork. Ribs, kochchi pork, smoked bacon ribs, etc. They only sell in quantities of 1kg so this is not the place to order a casual lunch from - it’s really for ordering food to share. From our experience, each kg can greedily feed around 4 people. We actually ordered 2kg and ate it throughout the World Cup Final.

As New Zealand was batting we dug into the Kochchi Pork (Rs. 1,900). I love kochchi and I love pork and this was amazing. The pork pieces were a good mix of meaty and fatty and the kochchi seasoning was perfect.

It wasn’t overpowering on the first bite, but once we had a few we were sweating, and still eating more. I basically ate well beyond the signals my body was giving me to stop, which is the sign of a good kochchi preparation.

As England was batting we brought out the Honey Glazed Pork Ribs (Rs. 2,200). Cooked well, tender, fell off the bone so easily and generously covered in sweet and slightly spicy sauce, these ribs were delicious. I don’t normally like sweet savories and ordered this with hesitation, but these balanced the sweetness of the honey, the saltiness of the ribs and the subtle spice perfectly. This also disappeared quickly.

Basically, we ate so much that everyone fell asleep and missed the thrilling final. So that is some good pork, but use wisely. 

The other item on their menu is Bacon Spare Ribs (Rs. 2,900) which is smoked in cinnamon, but we haven’t tried that yet.

The Service

There is no outlet, this is a home cook so you call or WhatsApp them and they deliver. They usually just pop the order in a tuk and you pay the fare, but in my case the owner was on their way and delivered by themselves. Ordering is a nice experience and, while it's less efficient than ordering through an app, if there’s something to be said to, you will be actually talking to the person who makes your food.  

Ordering is pretty simple and we’ve told you their entire menu. We ordered two days in advance but it may be possible to get the same day if you order before 1 PM.


Porky-Nator makes some delicious pork and writing this review has been difficult because I’m hungry again. They make in sharing quantities, making this a great option for having people over, an office treat or if you want to just watch TV and fall into a food coma.


Best for groups.




Home delivery, so they come to you. Prefered delivery radius is around Nugegoda.



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More than Rs.1500

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Home Based

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