The Nail Anatomy

14 Reid Avenue, Colombo 7 (inside Lakpahana)

The Nail Anatomy is a nail salon on Reid Avenue, located inside Lakpahana, just opposite the Colombo Racecourse. They offer highly professional service nail and spa services.

Nail Anatomy has been around for a just over a couple of years now, and they’ve solidly maintained their standard since our last review. Our focus this time was more on their new services rather than their nail services, which we have already covered in depth before.  They’ve got a whole range of new things to offer, from full massages to specialist treatments for healthy nails and feet. Unfortunately, their site isn’t updated yet but you can give them a call for more details.

They also have a range of products to deal with all kinds of issues like topical pain and infected nails/toe nails. All of them are top-end, medically reputed brands like ClearZal, footlogix, and Avoplex. At around Rs. 4,000 for the ClearZal, for instance, the products don't come cheap. But if you have a genuine issue, these are probably your best bet. 


The service is impeccable. From the point of entry to exit, you can expect a smoothly manicured experience. The staff, mostly Indonesian or Filipino, are extremely well trained and know the menu and services well. They were able to answer all my questions and were informative and polite. 

I requested a Signature Massage, which is an hour-long, full body massage. Before I went in for the massage, I was given a short form to fill, explaining any ongoing medical conditions, where my stress areas were, the level of pressure I required, and which areas I wanted the massage to focus on. I told them that it was just general tension and they nodded sagely.

My masseuse, Shri, was great. She ushered me into a lovely little massage room and left me to change. The attention to detail was great. The music was some gently tinkling harp stuff, incredibly relaxing and soothing. She brought me a glass of water, and handed me some disposable undergarments to don. Before the massage, she put a thermal pad on my back which slowly increased heat in order to ease my muscles. 

The massage itself was all I could have expected. Once or twice, Shri would ask if the pressure was enough/too much, but otherwise I was left to my comfortable reverie.  She was efficient, took her time, and clearly knew what she was doing. Most importantly, I felt comfortable and was totally able to relax. Towards the end of the massage, she did some interesting pressure point reflexology on my shoulders and face, which was strangely relaxing. This was followed up with some aromatherapy breathing with essential oils to wrap up the session. Shri finished with a hot towel rub down to get rid of all the excess oil. This woke me up a bit after my dozy hour. 

After I got dressed and went out into the reception area, they had prepared a little cup of green tea with a cookie while they arranged the bill. They usually offer you a drink and snack with most procedures, but it was still a thoughtful touch.


When it comes to the spa experience, ambience is key. A good pedicure session or massage is therapeutic and can be completely ruined by even one tiny element — like if it’s too cold or the music is jarring or people are talking really loudly. Clearly, TNA (The Nail Anatomy, not the Tamil National Alliance) has taken these tiny details into consideration.

Apart from maintaining a really quiet and peaceful environment, the lighting is perfect. The dedicated massage room was quite dim and cosy, equipped with a proper massage bed, some gently fluttering candles (which I later found out weren’t real), an essential oil diffuser, and a little hot towel box.

After I hopped up on the table, which came with the usual hole you can rest your head in and look through, I realized that instead of having to look at a boring floor, they had placed a little stone bowl with flowers and stones underneath. It was a great little touch for those who tend to keep their eyes open during a massage.


All in all, I was impressed and happy. I also got a Classic Pedicure, which consists of a full pedicure, exfoliating scrub, massage, cleaning, cuticle treatment, and of course, nail painting. They use quality OPI nail colour, and are careful and diligent. It’s pricey at Rs. 2,500, but definitely worth it. I asked them about their new treatments for bacteria/infections etc and they said that they are simply selling the products right now. But they do offer consultations along with the pedicure to tell you what your feet might need. 

The 60-minute massage cost Rs. 4,000, which is cheaper than most places like Spa Ceylon or even Siddhalepa. This is a bit surprising because TNA’s other services are all a bit above average Colombo salon prices. They also have a selection of longer or more specialized massages that are more expensive. 

If you’re planning an event like a hen's night, an office treat, or even a little pampering party, they can organise it for you. You can book out the whole place, specify your numbers, budget, and what kind of services you want. They can arrange for catering or you can bring in your own food. 

They also have a great offer going on currently. Refer three friends and you get a free foot massage, or refer five friends and get a free back massage. It’s definitely worth the premium to become a regular here, but be sure to make an appointment in advance. They’re usually too full for walk-ins.


Their well-presented gift vouchers make for excellent presents.


14 Reid Avenue, Colombo 7 (inside Lakpahana)


Nail Anatomy is opposite the Colombo Racecourse, inside the Lakpahana complex. Head down Reid Avenue either via Independence Avenue or Maitland Crescent and turn left opposite the Racecourse.


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