The Floor by O!

#142/2/1, Cresents Street , Colombo 07

The Floor By O! has been around for a while now, we've been there before and we find ourselves going back more. With very reasonable prices, competent staff and good music, they seem to know what they're doing.

Floor by O is the loud brother of Shore by O that's nestled in the heart of Colombo 7, just above Silk and below Sugar 41. I'm personally not a fan of the place because it's just obnoxiously loud at night, but Kinita insisted that there's a window of grace between 5PM and 7PM, so we swung by for early post-work drinks. They've apparently won a Guiness World Record for the largest number of available cocktails, so we decided to try a couple.


We started off with a Pol Adi (Rs 500) and it was delicious. You've got passion fruit cordial, passion fruit seeds, Lion stout and arrack, all coming together to make for both a visually stunning and flavourful concoction. It's well worth it for the price and is definitely one of the better cocktails to incorporate stout.

Next up, the One Night Stand (Rs 500) was quite forgettable. This is the kind of drink you wouldn't call back the next day. It was quite boozy but also quite tacky. It tasted like syrup. Try it once, if you must.

On the bright side, the Passion Fruit Mojito (Rs 670) was really good. I wonder if they use Passiona for this, because when we asked they said it's cordial that they use. Kinita thought there was too much going on in this one, what with the sourness from the lime as well the passion fruit. I liked it. 

Last and least favourite, the Grecian Delight (Rs 250) is a beer mix that's quite cheap but probably for good reason. It's a mix of lemonade and lager. Usually, I like beer mixes, especially lager and ginger beer, but this one was way too watered down. We didn't finish it.


For bites, we tried the "Hot butter or crumb fried cuttlefish" (Rs 670). We got the HBC option and it was quite a strange experience. At the get go, it was quite crisp and crunchy, with a fishy taste to it coming from the Maldive fish in their chilli paste, possibly. Kinita was put off by the fishiness, but I didn't mind it so much. That was until the batter just collapsed on itself. Within 10 minutes it had lost all its crunchiness and just tasted sad and soft.

The Fish & Chips (Rs 750), on the other hand, was pretty decent. We quite liked it. We got about 6 or 7 pieces of fish that were coated in a crisp batter and fried till golden brown. The chips are your regular french fries. We'd recommend this.

Ambiance & Service

The staff at Floor by O are quite prompt and friendly. We moved between the outdoor area to the indoor space and they were quick to move our drinks and bites for us. The outdoor view is that of sportsmen and kids swimming.

Indoors, at night, the vibe is pretty hectic. They play the music so loud that you can barely hear what the person right next to you is screaming into your ear. When there's a band playing it's worse. So, unless you're into hearing loss, we wouldn't recommend a night out at this pub. It's alright between 5PM and 6PM, though.


Floor by O is a pretty popular bar that actually charges men entrance after 7PM, essentially turning into a club. It's mostly packed with men, though, gyrating men, at that. Their cocktails are very reasonably priced, and some are quite inventive and good. You can't go wrong with their fish & chips, though their HBC will go limp and disappoint you much like their One Night Stand. If you work around the area, it's a good spot to booze up right after work. 


If you're looking for a cool beer on a warm day, they serve liquor from 11.00 AM - 2.00 PM during the lunch service as well. Also they offer 25% off for office ID card holders.


#142/2/1, Cresents Street , Colombo 07


Coming down Maitland Crescent, on your left, adjoining the Colombo Cricket Club.



Open 11.00 AM - 12.00 midnight

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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