The Doctor's House

87, Pujitha Newasa, Beach Road, Madiha, Matara

A former Aryuvedic hospital at the 200-year-old colonial building now serves cocktails and pizza plus more.

Since late I have been living by a code; travel on a low budget, light and solo.

Therefore, I decided to prescribe myself a well-deserved vacation at The Doctor’s House. Unfortunately, it wasn’t at the residence of our favourite doctors (Dre, House MD or Strange) on screen.

Yes, I chose the beach life.

Location, Vacation, Location

Owning a history older than 200 years, this used to be an aryuvedic hospital back in the day. 

Surrounded by sun, sand, waves and friendly staff, The Doctor's House is not your regular clinic with nurses and doctors carrying stethoscopes. However, the interior, food and beverage, music and people here are surely a medication for those of you who need a break from the daily workload and stress. 


Ranging from Rs. 1600 - 2500, this property has 4 dorm rooms (one 6 bed dorm and three 4 bed dorms) plus, 2 private bungalows.

(The prices change depending on the season and timings, type of room and deals available. Therefore, check thedoctorshouse.lk for updated rates.)

The dorms consist of bunk beds, anti-mozzie nets, fans and outdoor bathrooms (shared).For an upgraded stay, you can go with a private bungalow, which comes with a queen size bed, also an anti-mozzie net, fan and a private bathroom.

Dining & Drinks

I started my Saturday evening with a Cappucino to ensure my pupils were on the same page with me - you know photography and being on alert. This beautifully crafted cup of coffee is made with Mokasirs beans. Frothy, and velvety in texture, the espresso was nicely layered through it. And what did I select to compliment my caffeine fix and day 1 of the weekend? Yeah, the very popular Banana Loaf prepared in-house! (no monkey business was reported, I promise). 

Honestly speaking I told the staff that I was lost for words on how to good it was. Moist and fluffy, the bread had just the right fruitiness carried by the banana. 


The Vegetarian Poke Bowl With Fresh Tuna Cubes was highly recommended by my waiter. After running around the venue and beach area for the sea breeze, a view and amazing shots of the location, I also realised my hunger drive had gone dormant.

And then a magical experience captivated my not so hungry soul, the poke bowl had vanished in less than 5 minutes. I had no idea how hungry I was until I tried the dish. With fresh avocado, carrot and beetroot strips and curd, accompanied with fresh tuna cubes, this is definitely a hit amongst the vegetarian and health conscious.


It was a glorious Sunday morning for this solo budget travel who is also a foodie. Did I strike jackpot or what?

Crazy me kicked off breakfast with a killer chocolate brownie that blew me away! (not the sugar rush I was prepared for). Damn son, what’s your secret, tell me what’s your secret!Whilst some experiences are just jaw-dropping, my Mexican Burrito was almost jaw cracking. With an unlimited supply of eggs and bacon strips alongside a tangy taste, the first bite was too much to handle on an early morning. After 2 more bites, it was all wrapped up and kept aside for lunch. 10 points for a big wrap meal!

Never ever judge an espresso by its size. The morning cuppa just went wham -bam, wake up man.


If we could discuss all things in good spirits, how do you take yours? On the rocks or neat?

Reality hit me like the recent power cuts and so I said to myself “maybe a cocktail to drown my sadness about leaving such a chilled space so soon”. After browsing the menu behind the coffee counter and bar, my eyes and heart wanted some good bashing. The gentleman at the bar served a well-prepared Gin and Lime Bash.

After enjoying gallons of Gin and Tonic in Colombo, the Gin Lime Bash is a drink what your doctor should prescribe. The lime and basil complimented the gin with a punch that I’ve never dreamed of (and there’s a saying that dreams do come true). All you Gin-a-holics, I highly recommended this one for you.

Prefer a cold one instead? Order an extra chilled Lion Lager or 2! 

Nightlife and entertainment

The highlight of the weekend (besides the delicious food, coffee, cocktails and people) was Soul and Aditi ensemble’s electrifying performance. 

That, without a doubt, kept the crowd on their feet and the bar staff flowing with the party life (everyone’s a winner at TDH!). Follow their official Facebook page for updates on upcoming events.


Be it your regular coffee or just a simple haircut to look your best whilst performing, the service here is top notch. It’s not rocket science or shall I say, no medical degree required to guess that The Doctors House at Madiha beach, Matara should be on your bucket or checklist.


With the recent heat waves and water interruption, part of me wanted to cave into a fully airconditioned room until Mr Sun decides to cool off. But senor, me had no regretos with my planos! Look ma, no sunburn!

I had to pull up my imaginary socks and face the fact that this dream vacation had come to an end (see images above).

At least I get to bug my colleagues back at work.


87, Pujitha Newasa, Beach Road, Madiha, Matara


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