The Chutney Kade

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A home-based venture that whips up some of the best chutneys we've come across.

Whether it be making a sandwich, toning down a fiery curry, smothering some grilled meat, serving on the side of a cheese platter, or simply just eating with a plate of buthchutneys are a fantastic pickled condiment. Of course, there are some of us who'd consider them as curry - I'm one of them.
Nonetheless, discovering a good bottle of chutney creates such happiness to any sensible Sri Lankan. Which is exactly what I felt when I came across The Chutney Kade's Instagram page.

How to Order

The Chutney Kade is a home-based venture that whips up chutney (duh!) and a few other fried condiments. As of now, they've got 9 varieties - Pineapple Chutney, Pineapple & Mango Chutney, Seeni Sambol, Maldive Fish Fry, Achcharu, Beef Fry, Garlic & Onion, Sprats Fry, and Kunisso Fry. 

*Pictured above (left to right) - Pineapple, Maldive Fish Fry, Beef Fry and Achcharu

You can grab a bottle (or two) of these goodies by DMing them on their Instagram page. They have islandwide delivery, and to Nugegoda, it costs Rs. 250.

The Chutneys

We went with four of them - Pineapple (Rs. 550), Achcharu (Rs. 400), Beef Fry (Rs. 550) and Maldive Fish Fry (Rs. 450). 

Our favourite out of the two chutneys has to be this - the Pineapple. Plentiful with fat chunks of annasi dunked in its own pulp, this one is simply a mash-up of sweet, sour, hot and spicy goodness. The delightful sweetness is what grabs your attention first, followed by the sour notes drawn from the bits of adequately cooked pineapple, while leaving a wave of spicy aftertaste on your palate.

Adding a whole load of flavours to just about anything, you can pair this one with a bunch of things - meats, cheese, paan, buth and crackers. I enjoyed dipping some Munchee Super Cream Crackers in this. 

Leaning towards the flavours of the Malay Achcharu, this bottle of Achcharu was pure Rata Indi (dates) bliss! We're glad they hadn't gone overboard with the vinegar. The flavours here mingle between sweet and spicy elements, in a very balanced manner, and it also features bits of dates too. However, we'd prefer some more of it, as the pulp was a bit thin in texture in comparison to the pineapple one. 

On the fried side of things, the Beef Fry is your best pick for a delicious roast paan panini. Stacked with a bit of cheese or a slathering of butter and perhaps a slice of tomato, lettuce, and a layer of this - it's the ultimate flavour explosion. We spotted lots and lots of tiny beef pieces in this, riding side by side with caramelised onions. There was a slight peppery touch to it, while the caramelised onions hitting the sweet spot. 

Sri Lankans often use umbalakada in condiments like pol sambol, seeni sambol and katta sambol, and I'm a sucker for all of them (who isn't?). Oozing out with chilli flakes, this Maldive Fish Fry by The Chutney Kade has an abundance of beautifully fried, chewy umbalakda pieces, and quite a bit of caramelised onions too - but not in an overpowering way. It's like a chilli paste, a less oily take on that, without all that weird salty notes you get from store brought ones, but well-loaded with umbalakada and caramelised onions. This one would make a great Maldive Fish Bun. 


I love these goodies by The Chutney Kade. They are delicious, homemade as they can get, and deliver the flavours they promise, while giving your money's worth. It's been only two days since I ordered these, and we have managed to finish two of the bottles already. Given that there are only four people in my house, imagine how good and fast we gobbled these chutnies. They're that good - we recommend!


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