Tequila Mockingbird

Shop No. UH 10-2, Dutch Hospital Precinct, Hospital Street, Galle

Tequila Mockingbird is a fine restaurant perched on the second floor of the Dutch Hospital Precinct.

If you're in Galle, and your idea of a perfect meal involves a breath of sea breeze, the Dutch Hospital Precinct is one of your safest bets. Facing the strip of the alluring coastline of down south, Tequila Mockingbird resides on its top floor. 

Food & Cocktails

The menu here includes both Sri Lankan and continental fare, alongside a range of cocktails, milkshakes and juices. In this review, we decided to stick to the continental side.

Our English Breakfast was a plateful of all the correct elements - two sunny-side-up eggs, bacon, two pork sausages, baked beans (Heinz we presume), Anchor butter, MD Mixed Fruit jam, fresh lettuce, tomato and two slices of well-toasted bread. Everything was cooked adequately - the bread had a nice crunch, the bacon was a little crispy, and even though one of the eggs was a bit messed up, we didn't mind. At just Rs. 850, this is quite the steal. 

Accompanied with the sides of garlic butter, mashed potato, salad and French fries, the Grilled Yellowfin Tuna (Rs. 1200) was a hit. From the marination and grilling to the texture and flavour, everything was spot on. The welcome richness that comes from the garlic butter sauce helped to elevate the flavours. You get one massive fillet and a tiny one, and altogether with other elements on the plate, it's one hefty portion. 

Buttery and creamy, the mashed potato was good as it can get, while the veggies in the side salad left a fresh feeling on our palate. 

Colombo doesn't have a shortage of brownie spots - we have home bakers popping up in every corner of the city. But who would have thought one of the best brownies would be all the way in Galle? 

This warm, gooey mess of a Chocolate Brownie (Rs. 650) was served with a couple of vanilla ice cream scoops, garnished with chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles. Thoroughly drenched in melted chocolate, it was absolutely moist and soft in texture, with a layer of cashew nuts in the middle. 

Our drinks order was comprised of a Mango Arrack Sour (Rs. 750) and a Mocka Rita (Rs. 800). 
The Mango Arrack Sour was delightful. Refreshing as hell, its citrusy notes were so intense, which left us our tastebuds awash with sourness, but in a very good way. The swirl of sweetness it had, came through the mango cordial. However, we'd have prefered if the presence of mango flavour was a bit stronger. 

The Mocka Rita comes in three ways, and we opted for the aged tequila, berry liqueur, fresh lime juice, and sugar syrup version. They serve it with crushed ice and a pinch of ground pepper to spike up the flavours. 

With hints of sweet and sour flavours seeping through, it was a good drink, but we would have like it better if the alcoholic punch from the tequila was a little bit less dominating. 

Service & Ambience

As I mentioned previously, this place allows you to catch a glimpse of the down south shore as you enjoy some good food. Aside from the seating arrangement on the balcony, they also have an indoor setting with comfortable cushion chairs and wooden tables. 

We received some excellent service here. Prompt, friendly and helpful - they made us feel welcome. 


With SC and taxes, our total bill came to an Rs. 5500, which we thought was quite good, considering it's Galle after all. With delicious food, portions that fill you up, and a nice view, it ticks all the right boxes. We recommend! 

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re


Shop No. UH 10-2, Dutch Hospital Precinct, Hospital Street, Galle


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