Tamu Bakery

No address available, but you can sometimes find them at the Good Market (Racecourse)

Tamu Bakery is a home based baker who uses the funds from bakes to facilitate baking therapy sessions for victims of gender-based violence.

Tamu Bakery is not your average home based bakery. With every bite of their Ukrainian delights and baked goodies you won't be clouded by guilt. In case you're wondering if they use special ingredients that keep the fat under control, no, they do not.

They are not your average bakery because all profits go towards funding baking therapy sessions for victims of gender-based violence. So you would, basically, be indulging in crazy-tasty calories for a cause.


The Ukrainian Bakes

From the array of Tamu's baked creations we opted for their selection box (Rs 1800 - enough for 4 to 5 people) which came with three types of Ukrainian bakes. I don't know how many of you have gone to Ukraine, but one thing is for sure, most of us have not. So, my judgement will solely be on taste and quality, not the authenticity of the bakes, but do you even need bakes to be authentic to say if they taste good? Hell nah.

Oreshki (Rs 120 each at the Good Market)

If you have ever wondered what cookies with a milk toffee filling would taste like, you've got yourself an oreshki!

The dulce de leche filling inside this feels luscious in your mouth and these walnut-shaped cookies came with a small walnut stuffed inside. Really cute idea, dear Ukranians!

Google told me they are a Russian delight. So Putin probably pops one in his mouth while making major country-changing decisions, too!

Warning: they can hit you as extra sweet.


The tag on the box read "all butter puff pastry with creme patiserrie" which was AKA cake-like pastry drenched in good old custard and topped with buttered pastry flakes. It was unlike anything I have had before. With a subtle hint of sweetness, this was pretty good, although I would have preferred the creme patissiere to be a little sweeter.

Ukranian sweet bread with a spicy Sri Lankan twist


 Is this sweet? Is this savory? Is this bread? Can I eat it with pol sambol or can I not?

I cannot because it was sweet gluten with an underlying cardamom punch that smelled amazing. There was too much going on in there with dates, orange zest, almond flakes and a sweet yet spicy cardamom flavor cutting through all the fruity and nutty madness. Not what you would overdose on, but would keep going back for more because it's got that mysterious sweet spice.


Overall, I loved the Oreshki most, followed by Napoleon and then the bready madness.

Sri Lankan home bakers don't usually step out of their comfort zone of cupcakes and brownies, and Tamu Bakery is a great alternative to your butter cakes and dying-hype jars, and if you want to feel a little Baltic (you don't need a reason to!), Tamu has got you sorted.

 Also, what's better than eating guilt-free for a great cause?

You can check out Tamu Bakery by dropping by at their stall at the Good Market (Racecourse) or by placing an order like we did. With regard to placing orders, please note that if unreachable via call, reaching to them via social media would be the best alternative as the head of the organization frequently travels abroad to work with survivors.


Place your orders early as the head of the organization frequently travels abroad to run baking therapy workshops for victims of gender-based violence.


No address available, but you can sometimes find them at the Good Market (Racecourse)


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