Starbeans Ocean Restaurant & Cafe

Dutch Hospital Galle Fort, Hospital Street, Galle

Starbeans Ocean Restaurant & Cafe is yet another good restaurant in Galle, offering a bunch of good food, alongside the beautiful views of the down south coastline.

Starbeans Ocean Restaurant & Cafe is yet another restaurant in Galle that offers you the best of both - delicious food and the beautiful view of the down south shores. It resides on the top floor of Dutch Hospital Precinct, right next to Tequila Mockingbird. From pizza, and spicy Lankan staples to freshly brewed coffee and cocktails, Starbeans has a pretty extensive menu, and we really enjoyed our lunch here. 


Let me start with the Margarita Pizza (Rs. 1200).

With the perfect crisp from the well-done crust, the Margarita Pizza had a generous layer of mozzarella, followed by a mildly spicy tomato sauce underneath. The simplicity of flavours is what makes a good Margarita Pizza, and this one had them all. 

To top it all off, they cover this pie with some freshly cut tomato slices, which burst into delightfully sweet and tart flavours with each bite. 

Now, this one is the real deal - Starbeans's signature Crab Curry. Priced at Rs. 1750, this kakulu curry was served with a good helping of well-cooked white basmati rice, spicy as heck pol sambol, gotukola sambol, mango chutney, papadam and some steamed veggies (carrot, beans, and broccoli).

Fleshy, succulent and flavoursome, the crab was soaked in a thick, spicy gravy with strong hints of pepper seeping through. Amplifying the spicy factor, the gravy was doused in green chillis, and chilli flakes while the added bits of garlic, onions, karapincha (curry leaves) and tomato made it so rich. The amount of gravy here is enough to finish two plates of rice, and it would go nicely with  warm kade paan.

Like I said before, it's spicy - but you can ask them to adjust the level of spice to suit your preference. 


We were quite exhausted after a walk around Galle Fort (it was like 100 degrees the day we visited), so opting for something hot was the last thing on our mind. Anyway, Starbeans is one of those places in Galle where you can get a fine cup of coffee - a coffee aficionado vouched for this. Also, we heard that their cuppas are crafted with an in-house blend. 

The Iced Latte (Rs. 450) we tried here was superb! With the perfect coffee-to-milk ratio, it had a handful of ice cubes floating about, making for a hella refreshing drink. From the range of mocktails at the Starbeans, we went with the Blueberry Margarita (Rs. 580). Presenting a well-balanced concoction of sweet and sour notes, this one would do a fine job keeping you refreshed all through the summer time in Galle. 

The only let down of our experience was the Whisky Sour (Rs. 890). It had all the right elements, but the boozy punch of JD was somewhat overpowering. 

Ambience & Service

With a bunch of cosy cushioned chairs and pillows, the ambience at Starbeans would keep you comfortable. If the heat doesn't bother you much, you can always go with the seats by the balcony and a enjoy a whiff of sea breeze while indulging in your meal. 

We have no complaints regarding their service either. The staff were quite friendly and quick on their feet. With warm smiles, and helpful tips, they made us feel welcome. 


Galle has a whole lot of good dining options, and Starbeans Ocean Restaurant & Cafe is another great addition to that. From food and drinks to ambience and service, we liked every bit of our experience here. 

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re


Get the crab curry!