Smokey's Cafe

No 1B, College Avenue, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Smokey's the home baker now has her own cafe!

Smokey's does vegan brownies. At least that's what we thought they did till that wonderful Thursday afternoon when we dropped by their cute cafe.  


We've all known Smokey's to be the home baker that does delivery. However, they now have a space in Mount Lavinia. Although small, this is one of the prettiest cafes I've been to. With delicate golden chairs, stark white tables, and adorable wall art, we loved its ambience. 

They also had a stack of books in the corner, if you don't have company to share your brownies with.


Aside from brownies, now they do homemade ice cream and a noodle dish - all vegan.

Here we have the brownie (Rs. 150) and the Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream (Rs. 150). We started with the Chocolate Ice Cream and we were in awe. The owner asked us how it was and we were practically speechless at how good it was.  Absolutely creamy and deliciously chocolatey with the perfect amount of sweetness, it made me, a devout meat/ dairy eater revel at veganism.

At Rs. 150, the brownie was a STEAL! The piece is big enough to share and mouthwateringly good. It was fudgy, rich and had so much chocolate in it. I could write multiple odes to it and not get tired of it. 

Now we have the Brownie Shake (Rs. 500). Thick (like cake batter) and brownied up to boot, this was a meal in a glass. Of course, you might end up with a massive sugar high while you're at it, but, trust us, it'll be worth it. 

This bowl of Noodles (Rs. 600) was the only savory item they had on their menu, so we decided to get that too. It might look small, but, it's enough to serve two. Buried under a pile of veggies, the noodles were plain when you pair it with everything on top, it was brilliant.

Sweet potato, pickled onion, brinjals in two ways, carrots, ash plantains, spring onions, and some strange ginger spiced thing; all pulled together by a peanut vinegar sauce - it had a lot going on, and made for a delicious bowl of happiness. 

We were full, but couldn't resist ordering a piece of Peanutella brownie - one of our all-time favorites at the Smokey's. At Rs. 340, this was basically the brownie version of a Ferrero Rocher. We're aware that it's not hazelnut, but still, the flavor was quite close to that. Decedent, and gooey in texture, it smelled amazing with plenty of peanuts in it, which added for extra munch as well.

The Service 

The service at Smokey's Cafe was wonderful. The staff was super friendly and were more than obliging in giving us everything we asked for (including extra forks, spoons etc). They're some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. 


All in all, we absolutely loved Smokey's Cafe! Everything from the service to the food was great. We definitely see ourselves making that rather laborious trip to Mount just for their brownies. 




No 1B, College Avenue, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia