SeaFood Embassy

36, Poruthota Road, Negombo

Seafood lovers here's a not so hidden gem on the Poruthota stretch in Negombo. You are most welcome!

I was on a seafood diet and this is one dining experience that's going to be remembered until I...

...my bad, was mesmerising the culinary beauty you'll discover when scrolling down (smacks lips).

Alright, let's get down to completing this review. 

SeaFood Embassy is a popular resto in Negombo, known for its superb seafood fare and cocktails to go with it. However, from what we observed, they excel at whipping up meat-centred dishes too! 


After almost a 3km journey on foot, it was hard to miss the place with the lights and inviting exterior that captivate your eyes, heart, stomach but easy on the wallet.

With its social media buzz gaining much attention, I was dying to find out for what and why the place was buzzing as a seafood establishment in Negombo. 

The Food

For starters...

Still catching my breath after that almost exhausting walk, I got into the essence of starters with the Essence of Seafood Soup (at Rs. 600). A fresh and hot combination of crab, prawns, calamari and fish, vegetables and lemon, it was just the best way that one could awake the tastebuds before the mains. They say sharing is caring and that wasn't happening here at all with my dinner date.

For a clear soup, it was almost perfect (given that I always prefer thick soup) and the blend of seafood with the right amount of salt and vegetables plus lemon, created one of the best starters I have enjoyed in ages.  However, there's room for improvement for the buns. I like mine soft and warm (with butter in between, of course), which these weren't. 

The main reasons...

Identified as a master of wordplay, I am still lost for words on how to explain this glorious and majestic (I am getting there, surely but slowly) dish. Being a huge fan of papadum, pol sambol and parippu - the complimenting side dishes here, went well with the basmati rice and the serving of lagoon prawns soaked in a thick coconut gravy. Costs Rs. 1200.

The pol sambol had the correct flavour combo. The well-balanced chilli powder and lime blend gave the feel of eating at home. If I was to comment on the parippu, it wasn't either too thick or watery but adequately cooked and enjoyable. To be honest, I could have enjoyed the basmati rice with just the pol sambol and parippu. Kudos to the chef! 

Moving on to round 2 (what? You have space after all that?)

Yeah, I was surprised myself that I was also able to order the Shoulder of Lamb -La Beach Corridor (at Rs. 1,750). That was one mouthful dish!

Juicy, yummy and full of flavour the shoulder is not the one to lean on, but to just enjoy slowly whilst the sea breeze and view add to the dining experience. This tender shoulder was pan fried and had marinated with pineapple, shallots, marmalade and served along with mint pepper sauce - that gave the ideal amount of gravy, to ensure that the lamb wasn't too dry when it reached the table.

The plus point - this dish complimented my cocktail (see below). Whilst I felt the french fries crowded the plate, the steamed vegetables added value to my second main dish for the evening. Done with my food order for the night!


Cheers to the spirits that mix well at night... 

Blue Sapphire - don't let that name fool you. But you will never forget it either!

Here's why!

A combination of local gin, whisky and blue curacao, this hit me right in the feels! (too spiritual?). I usually enjoy my gin with tonic and whisky on the rocks. However, the mix of two of my personal favourites with the liqueur was definitely a unique experience. 

The waiter serving us noticed that I was taking my own cool time with the drink and with much concern approached me with the question "is the drink not satisfactory?".

"It's so good I am enjoying it at my own pace", I replied. 



Fishing for compliments in your knowledge in relation to seafood establishments? Here's a must add to your list of places of must visit and enjoy with family, friends and your dining partner in culinary adventures.

With an interesting menu, amazing mains and cocktails that make forget your weekday blues and boss, the Seafood Embassy is not just limited to satisfying your shellfish needs!  Don't forget to walk on the beach to complete the experience (sea what I did there?).


36, Poruthota Road, Negombo


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