O Mirissa Cafe and Bistro

271, Udupilla Junction, Mirissa

O Mirissa is a cozy cafe in Mirissa, and it's a must-try. Paired with some boozy cocktails, their dishes are excellent and well worth the money.

With its beautiful palm-dotted beach, surf waves, whale watching, some comfortable and affordable accommodation, Mirissa ticks all the right boxes. It's one of the most popular coastline destinations in Sri Lanka, that you can elapse a few days without all the chatter and noise of the busy city life. 
If there's anything else that makes Mirissa more interesting, it's the restaurants. Mirissa has a lot of them. We spent a day here, and while scoping out for a place to grab a late lunch, we stumbled upon this charming little restaurant called O Mirissa.
It's tucked away in a massive stretch of shops - we almost missed it. Therefore look for the sign above. 

Food & Drinks

This place has a little bit of everything. Salads, soups, pasta, pizza, and a few other mains, alongside cocktails, smoothies, and juices. We were quite hungry, so we decided to skip the starters and went straight to the mains. 

Featured above is the Fish & Chips (Rs. 950), accompanied with tartar sauce, ketchup, French fries, and coleslaw. You get three sizable fillets of Modha, beautifully wrapped in a well-seasoned, golden colored crispy coating, and fried to perfection. The batter is extremely light, so it won't stop you from savoring the fresh fishy notes of the Modha. The fish itself is absolutely soft, and almost creamy-like and easily flaked off to chunks when we poke it from the knife. 

The fries were hand-cut. Sharp, adequately seasoned and crispy, they were superb. 

Clocking in at Rs. 1400, the Grilled Chicken Steak was soaked in a deliciously tangy sauce, and had a tiny peppery hit to it. The meat itself is already cut into pieces. It was grilled properly with a firm rind, and they've kept the seasoning to a minimum - so it can blend well with the sauce.

Make good use of the green chilis they serve alongside if you need this to be a bit spicy. The mashed potato that was served on the side was creamy, buttery and not at all lumpy. However, we'd prefer if the portion of the chicken was a tad bigger than this. 

I've had my fair share of Tiramisu, but I never thought I would find the best I have had all the way in Mirissa. O Mirissa's Tiramisu (Rs. 600) is a composition of Kahlua and mascarpone cheese, and it was nicely decorated with a dusting of coffee on top.

The sponge to cream ratio was on point, while the overall flavor was so rich with a boozy kick, and the pleasant bitterness of the coffee. If you're at O Mirissa, this is just the way to end your meal. 

*Pictured above - Avacado Smoothie (left), Recent Marriage (right)

As for drinks, we ordered up a glass of Avacado Smoothie (Rs. 600) and  something amazing called Recent Marriage (Rs. 750) off their cocktail menu. 

Marital bliss they call it - probably why this Recent Marriage was absolutely brilliant. Served in a giant glass, it was a simple connection of vodka, tonic and sugar syrup, and definitely one of the best cocktails I've ever had on this island. This one for one fine summertime staple after spending hours on a hammock down the sands of Mirissa.

They've used just the right amount of sugar syrup, so it had only a swirl of sweetness running through, so the alcoholic punch is all yours to savor. Use the lime slice if you want to spike up the flavors. It certainly did for me. 

The Avacado Smoothie was a delicious indulgence too. Thick in texture, it was a balanced blend of yogurt and avocado. It's a bit heavy, not in an annoying way, but it could easily fill you up without leaving space for your food. 

Service & Ambience

Mirissa is one of the towns in Sri Lanka that has the reputation of discriminating the locals, but here at O Mirissa, local or tourist, you get treated alike. Prompt, attentive and friendly, the staff made us feel welcome. They didn't forget to check back with us a few times to get feedback on the food. Our food got served within about 15 minutes. 

The interior of the cafe is quite beautiful. Decorated with a bunch of vintage posters, it has a very cozy vibe going on. 


If you find yourself at Mirissa, and looking for a meal that gives your money's worth, O Mirissa is the place to be. They're rumoured to be doing a mean Tuna Steak, which would be the next reason for me to stop by this place. 

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re