Min Han

14, Deanstone Place, Colombo 03

Min Han (or Ming Han) is one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. It's cheap, super tasty and the waiter Wijapayala orders for you.

Since I started this review I've actually gone to Min Han (or Ming Han) four times. The food is consistently excellent and quite cheap (you can happily eat for Rs. 1,000 per person) and Wijayapala - the main waiter - is a character. The ambience is somewhat basic and dingy, but we love this place.

The Food

At Min Han I've actually given up on using the menu at all. There's one waiter - Wijayapala - and we just let him make recommendations. That is, we mention a protein (say prawn) and he says the Japanese style prawn is good, and it is. That's the prawn above, these are fat prawns, popping with sweet flavor. The downside of this menu is you don't know prices, but everything is a maximum of Rs. 680 for a small (which serves about four).

One classic we always get is their cuttlefish. It's not hot buttered exactly, it's a different lighter style but always quite good.

Their sweet potato leaves are also nice, and a good alternative to kankun. These veggie dishes are usually around Rs. 300.

The ginger rose (pork) is also really nice.

As mentioned, when we order here we generally tell Wijayapala what we want (be it beef, or pork, or veg) and let him recommend some stuff. It works out well, and takes the stress out of ordering.

Also, this place is pretty low risk. If you don't order beer, you can quite easily eat for Rs. 1,000 a person. Gorge, actually.

The Service

Of the people that work there, Wijaypala seems to be the only one that speaks English or Sinhalese. Hence he's the waiter for any locals that come in. Usually the rest of the clientele is Chinese, but it varies. He's a charming guy but may rub you the wrong way if you're used to just ordering and having someone take it down. He will change your order if he doesn't like it. That to us is part of the charm of the place.

The Location

Min Han is a tiny place on Deanstone Place (the road past Bars on Duplication Rd).

The interior is simple to be generous. It's all pink tables and chairs, the former covered in plastic. They have two private rooms and Chinese TV is always on. If you're trying to impress with ambience, this isn't the place, but we think it's fun. You can wear shorts and slippers and just have a nice meal and a good time with friends.


We love Min Han, Ming Han, whatever you want to call it. This humble Chinese restaurant does really tasty and affordable food and is always a fun night out. The waiter Wijayapala is a Colombo institution and so, in our opinion, in Min Han.


Ask Wijaypala (the waiter) what to order, we don't even look at the menu
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We love Min Han, Ming Han, whatever you want to call it. This humble Chinese restaurant does really tasty and affordable food and is always a fun night out.

Colombo has a bazillion Chinese restaurants, with new ones seemingly popping up every week. Sadly though, hardly any of 'em serve truly authentic Chinese cuisine, with most establishments serving up what has now been named "Sri lankanized Chinese". Min Han, hidden away in a small house on Deanstone place, is one of those rare exceptions. If you want to experience truly authentic Chinese cuisine, we can't think of a better place.

Nestled at the bottom of Deanstone Place it’s little more than a room that serves authentic home-style Chinese food prepared by a couple from Hubei. It's simple tasty food as you wood get in any city in China.

යමු එකේ විතරක් නෙවෙයි, කොල්ලුපිටිය අවට රැකියාව කරන හුඟක් අය අතරේ ප්‍රසිද්ධ අවන්හලක් තමයි මේක.

මින් හාන් එකට යමු එකේ ඈයෝ කොච්චර ආදරේද කියන්නේ මෙතනට චාටර් කට්ටිය ගෙනිච්චයි කියල ඔෆිස් එකෙන් බැණුම් අහන්න වෙලත් තියෙනවා.

අපි පසුගිය කාලයේදී ශ්රී ලංකාවේ චීන කෑම වල බිඳවැටීම ගැන ඉඩක් ලබා දුන්නෙමු. ෆ්ලවර් ඩ්රම්, චයිනීස් ඩ්රැගන්, ෆ්ලවර් ලවුන්ජ් වැනි අප ආදරය කළ දේශීය චීන අවන්හල්වල බිඳවැටීම හෝ තත්වය පහළ යාම අපි දුටුවෙමු. මට තවදුරටත් චයිනීස් පාර්ක් වීව් අවන්හලවත් සොයාගත නොහැක. (ඒක මරදානට රැගෙන ගොස් කියා ආරංචි විණි..) ෆ්රයිඩ් රයිස් සහ ස්වීට් ඇන්ඩ් සවර් පෝර්ක්වල තවදුරටත් ඉස්සර එහි තිබූ ආකර්ෂණය ගෙන එන්නේ නැත.


14, Deanstone Place, Colombo 03


On Duplication Road, past Manhattan Fish Market, turn right at the first road after Bars Cafe. Min Han is in a tiny house on the left side of the lane.