Kopi Kade

15/3, Stratford Avenue, Colombo

Excellent coffee and small plates of modern Sri Lankan cuisine.

Colombo's one-spot for brilliant kopi and piquant, unique dishes, Kopi Kade has been around for quite some time now. In a time that coffee was just another word on many cafe menus, Kopi Kade managed to bring the Colombo coffee scene to a whole another level. While there are a few more places in town for good coffee now, Kopi Kade seems to thrive well.

They've got a heap of new interesting stuff on the menu, and thus we decided to check them out for a fresh review. 

And like always, this experience was nothing short of wow moments.


First up, we tried the Sausage Rolls. At Rs. 700, you get two of them, served with a sauce of your choice. We got the Sweet Chillie sauce. 

From the pastry to the chicken sausage, everything here is homemade and incredibly delicious. The sausages were soft, meaty and had a nice spicy kick to it, while the pastry flaked off to puffy, buttery, crispy shards.

Staying true to its name, the sauce was sweet with a spicy punch and did a great job accompanying the sausage rolls.

Kopi Kade's range of toasties is their take on Jaffle juxtaposed with Croque monsieur, but they also have a Lankan touch to it. Stuffed with beloved Sri Lankan curries, Chillie Béchamel and imported cheese, these toasties might look ordinary at a glance, but will awash your taste buds with flavour.
We tried the Mutton Toastie (Rs. 700) and it was top notch. Well curried up with a cocktail of spices, there were excellently prepared, robust chunks of mutton in the filling, along with 24-month old Grana Padano.
The cheese added a creamy touch to the mix, some nutty, savoury kicks too, while the bread is fresh and all crisped up from the outside. It's kadey paan, which they purchase from Hasthagiri Bakers.
Sharing the same kadey paan, this Savoury French Toast (Rs. 1550) was an exciting combination of pol sambol, seeni sambol, chopped up veggies, and crumbled up paneer. They serve it with a side of Prawn gravy, and we also got the Bacon add-on for Rs. 250. 
This is Kopi Kade's attempt to create a Sri Lankan rendition of French toast, and it's a success. Perfectly eggy and milky bread, tangy pol sambol, sweet seeni sambol, milky homemade paneer, and smoky bacon - everything here helped to create an irresistible medley of flavours. The prawn gravy was spot on too, which we quite enjoyed by dipping our bread in.


We ordered two cups of coffee - one cold and one hot.

The Iced Espresso (Rs. 750) is basically a rich espresso shot jiggling in a glass full of iced water. It has a massive body, a little bit of acidity too, along with a subtle tobacco note. If a strong pick-me-up on a warm day is what you have in mind, this is right up your alley.

Our all-time favourite, Mocha (Rs. 850) was fantastic as usual. Perfectly heated, velvety milk, enriched with a shot of the same excellent espresso as before, and 70% dark chocolate, it's the best Mocha there is. 


A strong jolt of caffeine that takes the form of a beautiful tart, The Espresso Tart (Rs. 750) was simply spectacular. It had the silkiest texture, boasting with rich notes of espresso, while the crust is buttery, crumbly and has a nice crunch.

This is the Twice Baked Chocolate Cake (Rs. 750), another something that one would not want to miss at Kopi Kade. It's brownie meets cake meets mousse, with a glossy pool of dark chocolate thrown in for good measure. A brownie base, cakey centre and a mousse-like top, the texture-lineup here is truly remarkable, and it has a deep flavour too.

Ambience & Service

This picture was taken by Indi, 2 years ago, and in terms of interior, it's still the same. An assortment of wooden and steel furniture, stylish in its own unique way, with a dash of cosiness.

The owner, Nimeshan is always there, and if you've got any coffee-related queries or even recommendations to get around, he's just the guy to talk to.


If you haven't been to Kopi Kade yet, you're missing out on some superb soul-warming food, and some of the best coffee in Colombo. It's one of those places in town that has been consistently good at what they do.


Try the salted kithul ice cream. It's amazing!


15/3, Stratford Avenue, Colombo


Go down High Level Road and turn into Stratford Ave. It's right there on the left.



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Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Ice Cream Sandwiches Coffee Iced Coffee



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