Grub & Bass (Bunkyard Hostels - Weligama)

446/1, New Galle Road, Weligama

Bunkyard Hostels Weligama's very own cafe with a view and sea breeze for that chilled out dining experience!

Heavy winds and or rain are not going to stop a true lover of all things bacon, beachside and coffee!

This not-so-hidden gem has been operational for 9 months and deserves much applause and of course patronising.

Why, you may ask? Do not scroll down on a hungry stomach! 

With almost ten days to complete the month of July, the weather gods decided to blow away any hope of sunny days.  That put me into another vacation mode and so I hopped onto the expressway bus to Matara. Here's my experience at one of Weligama's talked-about and happening restaurant plus bar - Grub & Bass. 


If you live by the code "seeing is believing", then the setup is a treat and of course, with a very laid-back feeling blended with the Indian Ocean, that's sending across waves and breeze. We highly recommend dining in after 5 pm if you want to enjoy a romantic atmosphere (minus the candles and music). I was torn apart between relaxing and dining. 

I Missed Breakfast So, BRUNCH!


Now that I have your undivided attention, the next visual will have you either regretting that you are not at the cafe right now or make you block out your next weekend for a trip (alone or with good company) and experience the burger which is now my all-time favourite in Weligama.  

Brekk Me Up Before You Go Gors (Rs.700) - a catchy name and an amazing burger to start the day. A fresh brioche bun, filled with crispy bacon, fried egg, local greens with rocket leaves instead of lettuce (best alternative ever as it added more crunch and punch alongside the bacon) and a drizzle of homemade herb mayo. 

And moving onto my morning hot beverage...

Locally sourced coffee brand, Soul has been taking Weligama by storm and as I have mentioned previously, the cafe at Hangtime hostels Weligama has been serving the best Cappucino made with Soul Coffee (out of Colombo) so far!

The Cappucino at Grub and Bass now takes the second place with its flavour and strength being just about right for that morning wake-up kick. The chocolate powder they put on top wasn't overwhelming and the coffee wasn't too bitter. 

Late LUNCH (post brunch)

After almost 3 hours post-brunch, I decided to dive right into ordering my next meal and a non-alcoholic/non-caffeine based drink.

The well wrapped and presented dish that was served is known as "Shirmply The Best" (Rs. 990). Grilled Prawns wrapped with carrots, mayonnaise, rocket leaves and coriander leaves, this wrap was fresh and soft, and the combo of prawns and veggies was both satisfying and most importantly, very filling. 

Accompanying the main dish was a fresh serving of Ash plantain fries (dip it in the sauce for a serious spice attack) plus a helping of freshly chopped, crunchy mukunuwenna and gotukola leaves with apple slices for the fruity taste.

To complete my lunch experience, I also got myself a blended juice named Spice Island (Rs.550). This is a blend of pineapple, passion fruit with the right amount chillie and salt. The chillie and salt added an extra zing to this acidic and citrusy beverage. It almost felt like having a blended achcharu that is also chilled. 


Local arrack cocktail with a touch of spices and citrus! 

Ceylon arrack has been making headlines since late and here's a combination that you shouldn't miss when ordering cocktails (after 6 pm, most often with the happy hour running). The arrack was well infused with cardamom, cinnamon and orange peel and had a shot of ginger beer as well. This combination added a unique flavour (of a herbal alcoholic drink with a combo of mint, spice and wood).  

For a regular gin and tonic guy, this cocktail did definitely go down well and most importantly will be my usual drink when visiting Grub and Bass (hoping to do so again, very soon). Known as the Arrack Action this one is priced at Rs.700.


The manager and service staff were fully attentive and with the suggestion on what to drink and or din, so I had enough time to enjoy the view or my coffee whilst waiting for the main dish. Are you usually indecisive? Ask the staff for recommendations to enjoy your dining experience! 

Plus points for recycling and using environmentally friendly stuff. 


Grub and bass is a must-try when heading over to and or from Weligama once your vacation or visits come to an end. 

Don't forget to park your surfboard, car, bike and or just hop off the bus (slowly and carefully) and head over to the Grub and Bass for a puntastic menu and dining experience that will have you definitely coming back for more. 

Cheers to bacon and booze with a view!