Fit Meals (Home Delivery)

Delivery only

A new start-up delivering healthy meals to your doorstep.

Fit Meals, a new food delivery service, is here to cater to Colombo's growing population of gym fanatics and healthy food enthusiasts by offering meal plans meant to get you feeling and looking fit.

I decided to try and feel like a Victoria's Secret model by checking it out.

Cost - Rs 2100 for three meals.

Meal 1 - Grilled Chicken, Salad and Avocado

Packed with chopped cherry tomatoes, shreds of cabbage, bits of bell peppers, a few slices of avocado, and a side of fried manioc chips, this salad was topped with a piece of chicken breast coloured in a sweet and spicy sauce. Altogether, it was wholesome.

 If you don't mind vegetables bombarding your palate, this would be a satisfying meal as the chicken was quite flavourful unlike what most healthy food joints tend to serve. The manioc chips too, although not oily and crispy as usually is the case, were flavoured well.

Meal 2 - Chilli Garlic Beef Pasta and Spinach

Tucked under the spinach was pasta loaded with slightly spicy beef which had a little bit of curry going on, and the pasta, contrary to my expectations, was not dry. Using lean cuts of beef and limited quantity of pasta cooked in olive oil, this definitely didn't taste as bad as I expected healthy pasta to taste. 

Meal 3 - Custom meal of Grilled Chicken, Dhal, Beetroot, Red Rice and Spinach

The amount of rice was not mountainous like in average buth kadeys.

The curries, dhal and beetroot, were enough in quantity and didn't taste bland. There was enough salt and spice to forget that I was eating healthy. The grilled chicken looked a lot like a honey glazed chicken, but tasted strongly of chilli and tomato. However, it was a little overcooked as texturewise, it was slightly hard and stringy.


They update their Instagram with the meal plans for the week. So they have a choice of three per day to choose from. You can place your order by messaging them on their Instagram page (@fitmeals.lk) like I did, or by calling them. Their service is pretty convenient as they accomodate customized orders.


For someone who has had really bad experience with healthy food, I quite liked the meals  - they were flavoursome and not bland. 

Fit Meals caters to a price niche that you and I may not be able to frequent, at about Rs 700 for each lunch packet. But if you don't want to don a typical Sri Lankan uncle belly and are looking for healthy (and varied) meals that actually taste good, Fit Meals is a good and reliable option.