Escape Colombo

15/1, Bethesda Place Bambalapitiya Colombo 04

Escape Colombo is a live 'escape' experience. You can take a bunch of people with you, get locked in a room and try your best to solve the clues and make it out before the timer runs out.

Escape Colombo (not to be confused with Escape Room Sri Lanka) is a live, team building adventure based experience located in Bambalapitiya.


Okay, so the concept is something like this:
There's a theme behind the room. This one was 'Mr. Ari's Secret Attic'. We can't give away too much info about the room itself because that'll just spoil everything.
What happens is that you get locked inside the room with your respective teammates and have to solve a series of puzzles and look for clues. 

You'll have an hour to escape on time and if you don't, you get locked in forever and have to resort to cannibalism to survive. 

What was it like for you?

Well as soon as we went in, we were taken to a board-room of sorts where we all had to sit around a table and pretend we were important. We were then briefed in on the whole thing, given a small clipboard with paper and a pen and a walkie-talkie.

The purpose of the walkie-talkie is to keep in touch with the lady outside the room. She'll help you out if you want her to. She also holds two very important clues to solving two important puzzles, so if you find yourselves in a fix, just ask her and you should be able to manage.

What happens if we get out on time?

If you do manage to get out on time, then good. If you make it before the record time then even better. You won't actually win anything because the only prize is a stronger bond between you and your teammates. If you beat the record time, your team will be etched onto the Wall of Fame. 

Sooo is that it?

Ya. It's a lot more fun when you actually get there, honestly. I'd suggest coming up with a plan and allocating certain tasks to certain individuals. 

I also suggest a group of people who harbour intense hatred towards each other to go in as a team because they will all emerge as tight friends. 


If you haven't gone, you definitely should. It's fun. It costs Rs. 1000 per head. Is it worth the price? Most definitely.


We wouldn't recommend you go with more than 2-4 people because the room is pretty small and a larger crowd could slow the team down. But whatever, the choice is yours to make.


15/1, Bethesda Place Bambalapitiya Colombo 04


Walk down De Fonseka Place and then turn left onto Bethesda Place. There's a scary, run down building and the place is next to it.


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