Flower Road, Colombo 07

Small and underwhelming, EEAT is okay for a chinese roll and woodapple milkshake.

EEAT is a new eatery nestled in Flower Road. Despite sitting on prime property, it's a remarkably unambitious place, serving a fraction of the menu of your typical Perera & Sons. They do a Sri Lankan rice and curry for lunch, but apart from that it's just chinese rolls, juice and tea.

Food (or lack thereof)

We were really disappointed with how few options are available, with just a few short eats on display. 

Kinita had the chicken roll (Rs 75) and it immediately gave her hiccups. It's way too spicy for its own good, and, given that it's served cold as a stone, it doesn't make for a pleasant bite. There's just a lot of black pepper corns and chili pieces. Overkill.

I had a cheese sandwich (Rs 140), and, there wasn't really any cheese. This is pretty simple stuff that any pastry shop does well. All you need to do is put a cheese single in between two slices of bread.

Instead, at EEAT you get tiny morsels of shredded cheese, smothered with butter and, of course, more pepper corns. Not great. Their plastic packaging is pretty neat, though.

Oh, and we tried the donut (Rs 80) and it wasn't great either. It wasn't excessively oily, which was good, but it just tasted like icing sugar.


You can get lime, apple, pineapple, watermelon and other fresh juices for Rs 250, which is cool. They're not served iced, though, which is a shame. 

Kinita's apple juice was really bland, tasting mostly of sugar. There just wasn't enough fruit that went into it.

My woodapple juice, however, was actually a woodapple milkshake and it was damn good! They got a thick, creamy concoction going, striking a good balance between tart, sweet and milky. This was the only enjoyable aspect of our visit.

Ambiance & Service

There's just one lady running the place, so it's really quiet. There's some respite from the heat, but that's only because it's indoors. There's not much A/C going on. It's a teeny tiny place with just three tables.


We're not going back to EEAT, because Raheema's is closeby and there isn't much on offer here. It's a shame though, given that its prime property right next to a leading girls school. We're hoping they look into introducing some sandwiches and maybe an espresso machine. 

(Ed Note: We also felt as though we should mention that this is an incredibly blatant rip off of this London chain, pictured here.)


Get the woodapple milkshake.


Flower Road, Colombo 07


From Thurstan Road, turn onto Flower Road and it's to your right about 100 meters in.