Crepe Runner

Marine Drive, Colombo

A food truck down Marine Drive serving some of the best crepes in town.

Crepe Runner is one of the newest members of the buzzing Food truck scene in CMB and from what we had heard, they're good. 

Thus, come some random day and a strong urge to see the beach, we found ourselves making that rather late trek to the Capital of food truckery in Colombo, Marine Drive to check them out.

The Food Truck

The truck is right next to the train tracks, so, combined with the general hubbub of Marine Drive, street lights and the sea breeze, the atmosphere here is quite nice. We suggest going with a bunch of not picky people and sitting on the pavement. But, if that doesn't sound too great, they have a couple of chairs you can sit on while you wait for your food. 

The Food

Aite, here's where things get really good. 

Well, as the name suggests, their speciality is crepes - both sweet and savoury. While their menu isn't massive, you might have a bit of difficulty in choosing which ones to get. Thus, we ended up buying five of them: Runner Beef Steak (Rs. 400), the Cheese Fantasy (Rs. 400), the Chicken Slayer (Rs. 400), the Strawberry Maniac (Rs.400) and the Choc Force (Rs. 400).

Tightly blanketed by a fluffy crepe, the filling of the Runner Beef Steak was a delicious concoction of thick slices of tendered up beef, cheese, pickles, sauce and a whole heap of veggies. The crepe looked small, but the filling was massive. All in all, if you're looking for something that's not massively spicy but is stellar, we say go with this.

Next up, we have the Cheese Fantasy. Essentially just cheese and herbs, this was brilliant! It's not exactly a filling meal, but the combination of pickles, capsicum, generous amount of melted cheese is worth the trip to Marine Drive in the afternoon. Yes, even with traffic.

Lastly, on the savoury boat, we have the Chicken Slayer. This was much thicker than the Cheese Fantasy, and probably our least favourite of the lot. Far from being anything close to 'bad', we found the whole thing to be a tad too dry. But, apart from that, there were enough pieces of chicken to overflow and they were well-marinated. So, after everything had completely fallen apart and left with pieces of chicken, you're still gonna be just as happy. 

Next up we have the Strawberry Fantasy. This was one of the crepes we got to eat then and there. Beautifully crisp on the edges and thickening as you get to the centre, we absolutely loved this one. Furnished with strawberry cornflakes, Nutella, strawberry syrup and fresh strawberries, this was to die for. This is coming from someone who generally shuns all things strawberry except the actual fruit. 

Lastly, we have the Choc Force. You can either choose to get it with Cadbury chocolate or Snickers. We opted for the latter and boy aren't we happy! Stuffed with the perfect amount of peanut butter and chocolate, we loved this one. If you are a fan of Snickers, this should be right up your alley. 


The truck is manned by around 4/5 guys and they were super nice. From suggesting which ones to get to making small talk, they're perfectly obliging.


Go! Now! The crepes are great and paired with the good service and the breath of fresh air, it's just fantastic. What more do you need? 


Marine Drive, Colombo



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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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