Coffee & Company

37/3, Pedris Road, Colombo 03

The perfect coffee shop to bring your date, a bunch of friends or just a book.

Hoping to turn the rain that fell on us to an afternoon with a fine cup of coffee, we went looking for Coffee & Company. The place is a cute block of a mansion flipped into a cafe.


They have a good range of hot and cold coffees alongside some tea varieties. We tried a couple of them - a Cafe Americano (Rs. 340) and a Caramel Latte (Rs. 600).

The Cafe Americano was served in a huge mug. With natural bitterness of coffee hitting you hard, but in a very good way, its caffeine punch was quite rich. Not too burnt or acidic, you can always sprinkle in some sugar to this, if you need to take it down a notch. A great drink to sip on on a cold eve to warm up yourself. 

The Caramel Latte came in a tall glass filled to the brim with a good blend of coffee and milk. There was a nicely executed layer of foam floating on top, while the milk was adequately warm, without suffocating its creamy goodness and carried a tasteful amount of coffee notes without being bitter. The caramel notes were a bit strong, which put it to the sweeter side of things. Nevertheless, we didn’t find it overwhelming but rather enjoyable.


They have a few all-day breakfast dishes, sandwiches, rice, pasta, as well as a couple of desserts.

We got ourselves a Classic Beef Burger (Rs. 630) that was served with a few hand-cut French fries places inside of a cute jam jar alongside a small helping of tomato sauce. The burger itself was filling and came with a sizeable beef patty, and topped off with a melting cheese slice. We found a bit of gamey taste in the patty - probably because it wasn’t properly cooked through at some spots. Other than that, it paired well with the bun which carried a mild sweetness. There were fresh onions, lettuce and tomato, all adding to somewhat of a tasteful crunch. They can easily improve the patty to make this one more interesting.

Out of their range of Roast Paan Paninis, we chose the Pol Sambol And Cheese Panini (Rs. 450). This is your typical roast paan grilled from a panini toaster to double its crispy factor. The filling was mainly pol sambol, and a damn good one at that. Absolutely flavourful with bits of green chilis and red chilis pushing it to the spicier side, it wasn't overpoweringly spicy, but all in good balance.

While you can see there is cheese; it’s not quite adequate. This is still good, but more cheese would’ve made it even better. Because let’s face it, who’d in their right minds would ever hate roast paan and pol sambol, am I right?

Service & Ambience

There wasn’t any hassle with the ordering since it was hustle-free at the counter and the person who was waiting on us was polite and prompt. Our food arrived without any delays.

Here they have the almost perfect setting with the dimmed lights, which gives out chilled out vibes to enjoy your coffee on a cold (or any) day. While the chairs were comfy, they were a bit wobbly, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying our time here.

The atmosphere is quite calm, which is ideal if you need to get some work done.


If you are in the area and in need of a place to relax, we think that this is the right kind of place to drop by. May it be by yourself or with your partner, it can be a good setting to enjoy a delicious meal with a good beverage for a decent price.


37/3, Pedris Road, Colombo 03


You go through Pedris Road, and turn into 30th Lane.


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