Ceylon Anglers Club

Parsons road, Colombo 01

A good place to drop by for a drink before your salary comes in.

Given that our intention to get drunk at The Barge didn't go as planned, we decided to pay a visit to the dodgy bar next door - the Ceylon Anglers Club. 


Well, we meant to take a few pictures of its ambience before leaving, but the night got blurry very fast, and hence we stole this picture off Google maps. The interior is quite basic, but reminded us of a school classroom, mainly because of the whole blue and green wooden chair setting.

They have a very relaxing vibe going on here. No shouting or loud singing - you can sing, but only in a manner that it doesn't disturb anyone. No gawking eyes from the drunk patrons or waiters - it was surprisingly comfortable.


The Kadala (Chickpea) Kottu (Rs. 600) was basically boiled chickpeas tossed in kochchi, bits of onions, green chillies and an egg. Spicy, but way too salty for our liking, this is a classic, cheap bite to pair your arakku with.

The Devilled Thalapath (Rs. 600) was our favourite, but again, the saltiness was a bit too much. We loved the addition of kochchi and green chillies, which made it extra spicy, while the chunks of Thalapath fish had a slight crisp to boot. All tasted well with a little tang contributed by tomato.

For just Rs. 850, this Mixed Fried Rice at Ceylon Anglers Club is a solid deal. A heap of well-cooked, fluffy rice mixed in with bits of carrots, spring onions, fish, egg, tiny prawns and chicken, it was easily sharable between three, or probably four if you're not too hungry. You're bound to find at least one piece of meat/seafood in every bite. On a good day, they throw in some pork too. The seasoning was light, and we're glad that they took our request into consideration and reduced the salt content in this one.


The fellas who run this establishment is super friendly and helpful. We received our drinks within seconds, and the food didn't take more than 10 minutes.


This is probably the smoothest dodgy bar experience we've had. The food and drinks are absolutely value for money, and the atmosphere is pretty chilled out. Definitely a good spot to check out for a tipple before the salary week.