Butter Boutique

70 Rosmead Pl, Colombo 07

Butter Boutique has moved now! They're officially setting up shop at Rosmead Place so we went to check them out.

Butter Boutique makes rich, delicious cakes and some of Colombo's best coffee. Their new location on Rosmead Place is much bigger so more people can sit down and enjoy, but we still challenge you to finish their goodies without needing a takeaway box.

The Place

Butter Boutique's pink, fairy princess-y outlet at Flower Road was nice and all but seating areas were limited. The outlet was also a little too cramped so there was little to not movement space which was their only drawback really.

The new place is nice and big. Perhaps a bit too big.

They've really made full use of their new premises with a lot of flowery (not too girly) decor, a large counter to house their massive cakes and enough and more breathing space.

However, I feel like maybe they've lost just a wee bit of that cosy ambience that was present in their last space. Perhaps I'm just not used to this place yet, so only time will tell.

People seem to love the new makeover though as there were a lot of customers pouring in and staying longer. I suppose there's more time to chit chat now that everyone gets to sit down comfortably. They've also got raised stools and tables for those of you who'd prefer to sit by the wall.

The Desserts

From left to right: Tres Leches Slice, Lemon and Blueberry Slice, Milo Slice, Iced Mocha.

We treated ourselves to three slices of cake and two drinks. Their prices have quietly hiked up a little bit, but it only makes a slight difference. They've got new confections like the Nutella Scrolls, Apple Cinnamon Scrolls, Lemon Blueberry Cake and so on. 

  • The Tres Leches (Rs. 520) hasn't dropped in quality nor taste since we first tried it. They've managed to stay true to their recipe and if anything the cake has only gotten richer. 
  • The Blueberry Lemon cake (Rs. 550) is a pretty thing with neat blue decorative frosting and comes covered in a tart, cream cheese icing. The cake itself was a little dense but it came with large bits of blueberry which complemented the icing well. We like this one.
  • Lastly, the Milo Slice (Rs. 580). It was a bit strange eating this because it literally fells like you're chewing on....well..Milo. The texture of the cake is a bit bread-ier than the rest and is coated with a light ganache resembling everyone's favourite packaged chocolate malt food drink. Interesting.

Needless to say, we couldn't finish a single slice since their portions are so big. However, they want you to know that they'll be more than happy to pack your leftovers up for you, no matter how little so that nothing goes to waste. 


Butter Boutique offers some interesting and excellent drinks; mostly coffee. The coffee is prepared with skill, well-roasted beans and a little cake-shop magic, maybe. 

They've got Masala Chai (Rs. 550) on their menu now, and of course I jumped at the opportunity to try it out. 

The tea is rich, delicious and quite strong. There's a very prominent cardamom flavour and I'm assuming they don't hold back on the cinnamon either. Stir well, because all the magic is at the bottom.

Their Iced Mocha (Rs. 650) is a community favourite now, mostly because people find it enjoyable and easy to drink because it's sweet and cold. It's extremely rich though, and tastes of pure coffee with the milk only just straining to be noticed.

I recommend getting this one because its good for sipping at slowly so it'll last you the entire while you're there.


Their prices have hiked up just a bit, but that's only fair game given their new location. The cakes are as delicious as ever and now that there's more room to lounge around I see more chit-chat happening. Which is a good thing, I guess.


They've got a bunch of ice creams which aren't on display so ask and ye shall receive.


70 Rosmead Pl, Colombo 07


It's just up from Wijerama Mw on Rosmead Place.


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