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A home baker dedicated to making a delectable range of doughnuts.

What’s your thought about starting the week with a delicious dessert? This Monday, we felt like giving ourselves a sweet treat by getting some doughnuts from Brown Sugar, an exciting home baker in town. After stalking their eye-catching Instagram feed filled with bouquets of doughnuts (yep, they do that!), we finally gave in and decided to get some of their goodies. 

And did they deliver?

Boy, oh boy! We're having the best Monday ever! 

Them Doughnuts

Brown Sugar has a list of doughnuts in their menu with various spins on them. “Cream Filled” with fillings in the middle, “Topped” with different flavoured toppings on the doughnuts, and “Explosions” that are basically doughnuts filled with flavour explosions. All of this can be arranged in a box or a bouquet. We went with the latter. 

From left to right, going clockwise from the topmost, sugar rush, here we come - Chocolate Hazelnut Mess (Rs. 250), White and Dark Chocolate done half-by-half (Rs. 110), PBNJ Explosion (Rs. 260), Nutella Explosion (Rs. 260), Hazelnut Crunch (Rs. 170), Mint Choc Chip (Rs. 150), Coconut Tropics (Rs. 150) and Cookies & Cream (Rs. 150). 

The dough here was nicely deep fried with a thin crispy layer on the outside while having an adequately airy and fluffy inside without being mushy. The consistency was delightfully bodied but not too firm which is another reason to love them. Sweet on its own but not too much that it would ruin the toppings/fillings, they had nailed this one. 

Chocolate Hazelnut Mess looked heavy and a bit messy to handle with all the filling trying to come out of the pastry. With a few strawberry pieces residing inside and a good slathering of Nutella, it came dusted with a layer of icing sugar on the outside. However, we were told that the original version of this is supposed to have Milo powder on top, but unfortunately they had run out of it - hence, icing sugar to the rescue.

Despite the overloaded sweetness, we enjoyed this heavy treat and its rich contrasting flavours. Plus, sometimes messy is good, ya know?

The White and Dark Chocolate done half-by-half was a delight too. The white part was milky as promised, while the dark part was packed with plenty of chocolatey goodness. 

With a thick layer of chocolate topped off with hazelnut pieces, the Hazelnut Crunch is for the souls who want the no-fuss doughnut but with a bit of finesse. As the chocolaty goodness struck a good relationship with the fried dough, the hazelnut added the crunch. This was an excellent doughnut since nothing really felt out of place or stood out too much. 

Mint Choc-Chip was the eccentric one out of the bunch as we feel - yes, I don’t like mint on sweet things, but even I found this interesting. How they managed not to overwhelm you with flavour is highly appreciated. Featuring chunks of chocolate, it truly delivers the promised flavour. If you are the type to enjoy minty stuff with chocolate, you can give this sweet weirdo a try.

Coconut Tropics was a funky doughnut that reminded us of a Bounty version of doughnuts. If you're a Bounty Chocolate fan, this should be right up your alley. 

With Cookies & Cream, Oreo joins the party riding on top of a layer of white chocolate. There was a generous amount of crushed Oreo decorating this pastry and enough to satisfy an Oreo lover. The choice of white chocolate complimented the Oreo and helped the flavours work together without drowning each other. This can be Oreo lovers’ go-to doughnut any day.

These are the “Explosion” doughnuts they offer. The one on the left is filled with Nutella, while the other one is filled with peanut butter and jam. Decedent, rich and oozing with flavour, the fillings inside seemed to be in a rush to gush out of the pastry. The Nutella one was quick to disappear, leaving us heartbroken. The PBNJ took a while with the jam and peanut butter with actual bits of peanuts taking its flavours to a whole different level.  

How To Order

We reached out to them through Instagram and placed the order. They were gracious enough to deliver to our office in Nugegoda for Rs. 350. The process was smooth and hassle-free.


Brown Sugar serves some of the best doughnuts we've had in a while. This bouquet of delectable confectionary managed to melt our hearts being absolutely wonderful. 

I mean, who wouldn’t want to receive and open up an exciting box of happiness that one can actually devour. Whether it’s a gift for that special someone, a present for a dear friend, or just something to spoil yourself with, these can put a smile on someone’s face so easily. An additional pro is that they offer customisation to make things more personal which is always a nice touch and it's friendly on the wallet too.


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