Aromas Cafe & Pizzeria

16, Porutota Road, Ethukale, Negombo

Aromas Cafe & Pizzeria is a resto adjoining The Kings Bay Hotel in Negombo, that serves up some good pizza, seafood and steaks, among other things.

From fancy five star hotels to streetside petti kadeys, the restaurant scene at Negombo has a rich diversity, which keeps growing strong.  It's a modern beach town with streets packed with friendly local restaurants that suit every wallet. Be it Sri Lankan, Chinese, Western, Italian cuisine or whatnot - Negombo has got it all covered. 

While travelling through this charismatic city, we stumbled across a restaurant known as Aromas Cafe & Pizzeria, which is a very popular spot down Porutota Road, for serving up some good pizza, seafood and steaks, among other things.

Food & Drinks

Aromas Cafe & Pizzeria is a resto adjoining The Kings Bay Hotel in Negombo. As mentioned above, their food menu covers a range of cuisines while the drinks section includes a few juices and milkshakes. They also offer booze, but not hard liquor - just wine and beer.

You can also BYOB and it’s corkage free (yay!), but you need to call ahead and inform them about it - which is exactly what we did. We simply loved the Devilled Chicken Pizza (Rs. 1050) we tried here. It's definitely one of the best oven cooked pizzas I've come across. The crust was thin, succulent and had a nice crunch to it. Topped off with a generous layer of mozzarella and an abundance of onions, bell pepper and capsicum, it was devilishly hot, and I was basically stuffing my face with this. 

After five good slices, I was done - not because I couldn't eat more of it - but because I'm supposed to share it with others.

Next up, we tried the Pepper Steak (Rs. 1100), which came with a side of steamed veggies and french fries. 

You don't get a say in how they prepare it, because by default it comes as a piece of well done local beef, glazed with a spicy pepper sauce. The meat itself was easily cut through, very tender and deliciously juicy. 

The accompanying veggies were fresh and crunchy, while the fries were crispy with just the right amount of spiciness and saltiness. 

The Grilled Lobster (Rs. 1550) came with two cut open lobster tails, a side of french fries and steamed veggies. Slathered with a layer of garlic butter, this one oozed with a nice peppery flavor, but not in an overpowering way. The lobsters were fleshy, succulent and grilled to perfection - making for a real treat.

These are export quality lobsters, so you can get a good amount of lobster meat instead of just shells. 

We didn't want to order any of their drinks as we had a bottle of wine of our own, but our youngest, anti-drinking YAMUite got a glass of Orange Cordial (Rs. 150). It was nothing remarkable, just a freshly made Sunquick. So if you're into that, there's that. 

Ambience & Service

The ambience here is pretty simple with a bunch of wooden and porcelain topped tables along with cushioned seating, enough to accommodate around 30 customers at a time. It's not air conditioned, but they've got a giant fan inside, and also there's plenty of natural air and light, thanks to their semi indoor interior.

We have no complaints regarding their service either. The staff was quite inviting, very helpful and efficient.


Our total bill came around Rs. 4400, which isn't bad especially since we didn't get charged for various taxes, and there was enough food to fill up four hungry bellies - but only three of us consumed it. They've got all your favorites - from pizza and seafood to steaks and kottu, plus corkage-free BYOB - so what's not to like?

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re