YAMU Loves; Bacon, Cheese & Nai Miris Kottu By Cimply Yummy

It's bacon, cheese and kottu! What's not to love?

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We usually review places, but in this YAMU Loves feature we'll highlight some of our favourite food and drink around the city.

At a glance, Cimply Yummy looks like this ordinary, streetside eatery. But, on the inside, it's a totally different story. By adding their bacon-ised touch to the beloved street food staples, Cimply Yummy whips up some next-level taste.

And our favourite among all that is the Bacon, Cheese & Nai Miris Kottu! It has a flavour that we cannot get enough of. 

Priced at Rs. 850, it's one smoky kottu, all thanks to the copious amounts of bacon in it. 200 grams to be exact, in the medium size portion. They bind all that smoky goodness, the salty kick, and the oiliness very well to the finely chopped roti, by tossing them onto a hot wok. We've always enjoyed catching a whiff of wok breath in this kottu, which makes it highly addictive. It always comes with a hefty drizzle of gooey, creamy cheese sauce. While it may have some milk infused, the bold cheesiness overpowers that. In fact, it helps this kottu to have a well-balanced flavour profile. There is plenty of nai miris in the fray, so it's hella spicy, but the cheese sauce makes that heat more tolerable. 


It's bacon, cheese, nai miris and kottu! One doesn't need any more excuses to try this out. Plus, the medium portion is easily enough to feed two (very) hungry adults.