Easing Up Your Pandemic Life; 3 Ways

Three wise purchases that ensure your wellbeing as you work from home.

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Needless to say, pandemic life is hard. With multiple lockdowns, mask rules, excessive cleaning, economic collapse and travel bans, it's almost impossible to remember what it was like before. But amid all these, life goes on, and we need to find ways to ease up and improve our lives.

Easy, Healthy & Quick Cooks

I dearly love homemade food, but every once in a while, I need a taste of fast food. From crispy fried chicken to cheesy French fries to golden-fried Chicken Nuggets, fast food is the ultimate comfort food in times like these. But they also may follow this horrifying guilt later, because you know how unhealthy they can get, with excessive amounts of oils and sugar. Plus, there's no guarantee of the freshness of the ingredients.

So how about I let you in on a little secret? There is a way for you to enjoy all the fast food you like, in a healthier, guilt-free manner, at the comfort of your very own home.

32L Samsung Convection Oven comes with the revolutionary Slim Fry™ technology, which allows you to craft up your favourite fried food in a healthier manner. With just a touch of oil, the oven sorts out your fast food cravings with zero hassle. 

And if you're new to cooking, or don't have a lot of time to cook, this oven is smart enough to cook your meals for you, with its pre-programmed recipes. This includes some delicious grilled salmon steaks, boneless chicken, green beans and even brown rice. In a time that we have to juggle between work and family at the same time, this is a godsend!

Moreover, it comes in really handy when you want to cook a large meal. Due to its Disable Turntable Function, this oven easily accommodates larger square-shaped trays. Its durability is quite good too, as it's scratch-resistant and has a smooth surface that doesn't discolour over time from oil or grease residue. Plus, the elegant, premium design ensures that it can fit into your modern kitchen décor so seamlessly.

Bubbly Washes

The pandemic grows with new variants, so there's no telling how or when one would get infected, even when you adhere to all the hygiene measurements. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious, and take every step that you possibly can, for the safety of you, and the ones around you.

Despite working from home, I step out of the house every once in a while for work. I have restaurant visits, shoots at different locations, and sometimes, events to attend to. After spending much time outside, I return home while worrying about the risk of exposing myself to the virus, and indirectly, my family. 

We've been thoroughly advised to clean ourselves well after going out these days, and that applies to our belongings too, including the clothes we wear. And needless to say, it's a hassle, especially if you're someone who goes outside on daily basis. 

This is why I'm quite excited to find out about the all-new Samsung Ai Eco Bubble Washing Machine. It has this amazing steam cleaning feature, which involves a powerful steam cycle that releases steam from the bottom of the drum. It's capable of removing ingrained dirt, up to 99.9% of bacteria and inactive allergens. How brilliant is that!

I tend to wash some of my clothes by hand, to save them from discolouration, shrinkage, and wear and tear caused by the washing machine. However, the Samsung Ai Eco Bubble Washing Machine has a feature that addresses such issues as well. The gentle bubble-powered washing feature in this enables 45% better fabric care and 24% tougher stain removal. Furthermore, it's energy-efficient and does faster cleaning due to better bubble penetration.

The Ai counterpart contributes many other impressive features to this washing machine. It makes it quite smart. It remembers your frequently used settings, so you don't have to push a bunch of buttons every time you use it. On the other hand, it displays informative error messages with corrective actions, and therefore, there's no need to flip through a manual or be on the phone with the service centre to get something fixed. For someone who really doesn't prefer phone calls, this sounds incredible to me. 

Its amazing synergy with SmartThings app technology allows you to wash your clothes from anywhere and anytime. You can input the laundry type, garment colour and soil levels through the app, receive the optimal wash recommendations and let the washing machine take care of the rest.

What's even cooler is the geo-fencing feature. It intelligently prompts you with push notifications to reschedule your washing, to avoid leaving the clothes in the washer after washing them. 

Improved Digestive Health

Yoghurt is one of the most basic elements in my household. No desserts? Eat a yoghurt! Gastritis? Eat a yoghurt! No snacks? Eat a yoghurt! 

Yoghurts are rich sources of probiotics, where healthy bacteria can improve your body's health, including your digestive health. Unfortunately, many of the yoghurts we find on shelves these days are full of gelatine, sugar and preservatives. Therefore, finding a proper yoghurt in the current market is trickier than one would think.

So what if you make the yoghurt at home? All thanks to Samsung's Curd Maestro refrigerator, it takes only a little effort to make some perfectly good yoghurt at home.

Firstly, you need to heat up the milk and bring it to the boiling temperature. This step will clear out microbes present in the milk. If it's sterilised milk, boiling is required to get a good texture. Then add sugar as per your taste while allowing the milk to cool down to room temperature. Afterwards, add yoghurt culture to the milk which is at room temperature now. You should not add culture when the milk is hot as it kills the probiotics, which ultimately stops the fermentation.

Next up, add the milk to the container of the refrigerator, close the lid and select the Curd Maestro option on the display panel (Hard or Soft); Hard - 7.5 hrs/ Soft - 6.5hrs. Once the yoghurt is set, the display will indicate in Serve Mode. 

This yoghurt can be kept fresh for up to 14 days. You can eat it as it is, or use it as an ingredient while making your favourite butter chicken, salad dressings and smoothies. In fact, these homemade yoghurts have a very nice, softer texture, so it's quite easy to work with when creating dishes. 

The Curd Maestro isn't just about making yoghurts. Its Smart Convertible feature lets you convert the Samsung freezer into a fridge to create up to 88 litres of space for all the fresh food you like or need to store in different seasons or for special occasions. It also comes with Digital inverter technology which involves a durable, energy-efficient digital inverter compressor that automatically adjusts its speed to meet cooling demand, while ensuring a trouble-free, long-lasting refrigerator. 

I'm amazed by its power cool/power freezer feature too. By rapidly delivering intensely cold air, it elevates the freezing and cooling processes. You can easily cool up, freeze up or firm up your food and beverages, or make some ice quickly, just from a touch of a button.

Like I said, pandemic life is difficult. But it gets a little bearable with convenient, cool inventions like this, from Samsung.