10 Cosy Nooks In Colombo To Visit Post-Lockdown

Cosiest corners to grab a coffee in CMB.

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Even the thought of feeling the warmth of a freshly brewed cup of coffee wrapped among your fingers, brings so much comfort on rainy days like these. It's even better when you have a comfy chair to curl up on, along with a good read.
If you're in the mood, we suggest checking into one of these cosy nooks in town. 

Seed Cafe

Looking like a cafe straight out of a Geneva Vanderzeil's Pinterest board, Seed Cafe is as pretty as a picture. With many cushy seats to warm you up, it also has plenty of sunlight seeping through. Known for their excellent coffee, this is also a place for some delicious, dolled up dishes. 

Bakes By Bella

It's truly amazing how far Bakes By Bella has come since they opened that tiny cake shop at a corner of Liberty Arcade. They always manage to keep that cosy, chilled out vibe, no matter where they are. The current establishment has two gigantic glass walls, making way for lots and lots of natural lights to flow through. There are comfortable sofas for you to sit on, while sipping on a warm cup of coffee, and some of the best bakes in the city.

Cafe 1959

Hidden from all the hustle and bustle of the Galle Road, Cafe 1959 has a wonderfully open set-up, gushed with potted plants, beautiful lights and that enchanting coffee aroma. It's a place for some phenomenal desserts too, which are done by Fig & Owl.

Kopi Kade

Presenting an assortment of wooden and steel furniture, Kopi Kade has this unique, stylish look, laced with a dash of cosiness. The coffee here is absolutely incredible, and you can pair that up with their innovative, modernised Sri Lankan cuisine. 

Cafe Rafaella

The coffeehouse of Giovanni's, Colombo's best pizzeria, owns this gorgeously leafy, homely setting. We highly recommend dining under the canopy of passionfruit vines at the front. It's like the world within the world, really. Aside from good coffee, here you can get some soul-warming pasta and also a taste of Giovanni's excellent pizza. 


With soft, pastel hues and tastefully designed furniture, KIKU's ambience is one of a kind. This cafe derives its unique aesthetic by incorporating modern Japonism in all its elements, from its interior, ambience and cutlery to crockery, food and drinks. Plenty of natural light filters through its loft-like interior, while the plants placed randomly around the area introduces a pop of viridian hue amidst all the muted pastel shades. 

Caramel Pumpkin

Spacious, peaceful and comfortable; Caramel Pumpkin is everything that one would look for in a cafe. The seating arrangements have quite the variety, from cushioned chairs, booths, wooden benches and high chairs to bean bags to accommodate your required comfort level. You can amp up this cosiness with their fabulous Belgium Hot Chocolate and the piping hot Prawn Star pasta. 

Kantina Konditori

Image credits: Kantina Konditori

Kantina Konditori lies on the ground floor of Colombo Innovation Tower. A well-lit space, with lots of natural light, plants and wooden furniture, it has its own kind of elegance complemented by the view of the busy Duplication Road. It has some good cakes, bakes and healthy dishes, which you can opt for with a fine cup of coffee. 

Black Cat Cafe

Black Cat Cafe has a good dose of comfiness, embedded with a dash of colonial charm. It's an old house flipped into a restaurant, which adds a natural homely character. The furniture is simple, minimalistic, and mostly DIY — the tables are made of old Singer sewing machines, with sandpaper-smoothened doors as the tabletops, which adds up to their unique charm. It's one of the good coffee places in the city, with a variety of vibrant, healthy dishes to choose from.

The Grind Coffeehouse

The Grind Coffeehouse keeps its interior simple. No noisy pictures or prints all over, which in fact, has created this calm, quaint and peaceful ambience to dive into a good cup of coffee, or some picturesque brunch meals at any time of the day.